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A few steps away from the Arc de Triomphe, 32 Duret Street in Paris, can be found an elegant tea salon and chocolate boutique, the Maison Nicoulet, run by Véronique.


Maison Nicoulet offers delicious chocolates, to take away or enjoy on the spot with a refined drink. Locals here are accustomed to sit and savor their treats while gazing at the works of artists.


The host has in fact welcomed many of them to expose in her salon. Blouet, Sylvie Lamy, Nohad and Adjamée are a few examples.


Blouet has exposed there 5 years in a row, starting in 2015 with an exhibition about coastal landscapes. Chile was the main topic of the exhibition the following year. In 2017, she decided to focus on a geographically opposite country:  Italy, and more specifically the city of Venice, painting buildings, canals and the famous gondolas. The year after, we board on a long journey, with the “Sails” exhibition. Finally, in 2019, Sophie takes us to “A Day at the beach”, with paintings of Brittany and of the South of France.

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